A huge part of WhatsApp spam has a single purpose—to try and make you open a link in the message. WhatsApp Gold: A supposedly premium version of WhatsApp was spammed to millions of users throughout 2016. Clicking on the link and sending a payment would apparently get you access to a fancier version of WhatsApp that celebrities were using. Clicking on the link sent by the scammer simply confirms to WhatsApp that it is you – on behalf of the scammer. 2. Now you need to take your friend’s phone and open up WhatsApp application. Here are a few tips for staying safe in a world where new hacking tools are being released to the market every now and then. And now there is another WhatsApp attack doing the rounds. There is one particular pattern of a group chat that can manufacture threats and injustices out of thin air. Here is a simple trick to do so, and you can do that without even touching that person’s phone. To know if your messages have been read, you need to follow a simple trick of sending a voice note.

Well, this could be pretty easy for several users who want to keep an eye on any of their WhatsApp accounts and spy on them; you just have to follow this simple trick. With the Corona Virus and its fear spreading everywhere, employees have been working from home, maintaining communication through cell phones, and more specifically through Whatsapp. Check out our article to learn more about the most common types of scams on WhatsApp. With this platform, you can get a provision to figure out almost everything about an individual by keeping a track on his or her conversation. Let us know in the comments below if the above-mentioned trick worked for your or not and also let us know some other tricks if you know, on your you can spy on someone else’s WhatsApp. If the person’s phone is protected by a PIN or a pattern, you will also need to know those. You also need to make sure that you have access to the target person’s phone for at least some time as we are required to scan a QR code for this procedure to work.

To allow a contact you have to go to Settings first. They may contact your child and without your knowledge keep on chatting with a child and even arrange secret meetings with ulterior motives. You can then access the WhatsApp contact list, see media files, VoIP call logs, and read the conversations with timestamps via the online dashboard. I hope you guys liked this fun trick on how you can spy on your friend’s WhatsApp chats and messages and hone your detective skills. Then you can spy on your friend’s WhatsApp chats and hone your detective hat to spy on your friend. If a person has disabled the blue tick (this can be easily done from the Settings), the text or media messages won’t turn blue. How to know if your WhatsApp text is read when the blue tick is off? All you have to do is, send across a voice note to that particular person and if it turns blue, you know your messages are being read. Find Out More All you have to do is know their Apple ID and password then head down to Flexispy and create an account with a valid email address. Click accept and sign up with your email and password and register .

Then click on ‘Verify option’ to get the number confirmed. 1. Open WhatsApp on the target device and click the menu icon at the top-right hand corner. 3. Using your browser, open the WhatsApp Web site. To do that, tap on the three-dot icon on your friend’s phone and tap on the WhatsApp web. NOTE: The latest versions of Android 7.1.2 and iOS 10 operating systems activate a constant notification on a target’s phone whenever WhatsApp web is activated as shown on the screen below which might show a victim that he or she is being spied on. 5. Now, a QR Code will be shown on the screen which you need to scan with your friend’s phone. 6. Tada! You have successfully access your friend’s WhatsApp chats and messages. 6. Scan the QR Code on your phone via your friend’s device. You can hack WhatsApp via MAC spoofing, QR code scanning, or software. You just need the WhatsApp number that you want to hack and spy on and you are done!